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Engineering is 10% theory and 90% practicing. That is why at SECE we strongly believe that all our students should learn out of experience. Every student is motivated to take up mini projects right from the first year itself. Unlike the regular practice of doing a project in the final year, our students execute a project every year.

The results of this extra focussing on projects has resulted in some Extraordinary projects being designed by our students - SECE Connect and M-BOT are featured below.

Automatic Car Cover Closer
The Automatic Car cover closing system is the first invention in India. In worldwide there is no effective instrument exist to solve the car owners problem. In the present day, car covers are made by either plastic or cloth material. This covers are using only manually. The car owners love their cars to prevent from dust. By using this manual covers they feel inconvenient to open, close and tie regularly.

Most of the owners expecting an instrument to solve their problem. Our student M. Nithtanandhan, IV-IT invented this instrument based on Mechanical system. This instrument operates by two DC Motors with the help of Remote Sensor. This instrument will use only by fixing it under the portico of the buildings.

Auto Reckon Machine
Every people in Tamilnadu getting suffer to get the proper products in their ration shop. So they are eagerly expecting an instrument to solve these problems. Auto Reckon Machine will reduces corruption of civil supply department and also people will get more benefits of getting government products. This project keeps track of various details by sending through SMS to user and the admin and also sending feedback to each user and consumer. This machine accepts only system commands it cannot be change during processing. It reduces manual time consumption.

Team members: S. Manoj & M. Jayaprakash (IV – IT)

M-BOT is a wireless controlled military robot used for both offense and defense purposes. The M-BOT can be controlled from a remote location with the help of wireless video cam. Human life can be saved during military attacks by employing these kinds of Robots.

Team members: B.Hariharan, D.Balamurugan & A.Sakthivel. (III-EEE)

SECE connect
SECE connect is a social network to connect all the students of Sri Eshwar College of Engineering. It is a social network where SECEians can discuss various topics of their choice.

Team members: S.KarthickAvinash, C.Srimathi, Aishwarya (III-IT)

Automatic Control of Car using Electronic Seat Belt System
Automatic Ignition Control of Car using Electronic Seat Belt System ensures seat belts are fastened while starting a car has been devised by our students at the SECE Research and Development laboratory. This safety system was successfully demonstrated by our students to the city Police Commissioner Mr. Ambaresh Pujari.

Team members: V. Karthick & V. Vasant Kumar (II-ECE)

Automatic Ignition Control of Two Wheeler
V.Ravikumar of III EEE came out with a novel project of a two wheeler which gets auto ignited after the driver wears his helmet. An RF transmitter fitted in the helmet switches on the ignition system when the driver wears the helmet. The project enhances safe journey for all the riders.

Funded Projects
Funding is granted by the Institution of Engineers (INDIA) to undergo research and development work on the title "Study of Flow Field in a Model Gas Turbine Combustor" for the year 2010-2011.

Other Exceptional Projects
  • Landmine Diffusing Robot
  • Artificial Eye For Blinds
  • Fuzzy logic based windmill-monitoring system
  • Wireless Speaker
  • Web browser
 4th International Conference
on 6th and 7th Jan 2017
 Seceian has been selected for the Anna University South Zone
Inter University Basket Ball Tournament
 Hands on training to Industry executives
on Energy Purchase Quality and Thermo graphic Audit
 Won two first prizes and one second prize in the most famous TAFE Innovista 2016
Won two first prizes and one second prize in the most famous TAFE Innovista 2016 Contest for engineering students
 Won the Best Suspension Design Award in Quad Torc 16 - All Terrain Vehicle Design Contest
Won the Best Suspension Design Award in Quad Torc 16 - All Terrain Vehicle Design Contest- with a cash award of Rs.20000/-
 Won the first prize in Mouser Electronics IOT Design Contest 2016
Won the first prize in Mouser Electronics IOT Design Contest 2016 with a cash award of Rs.80000/-.
 Won the first prize in National Instruments NIYANTRA
One of our student Won the first prize in the most popular National Instruments NIYANTRA 2016 Students Design Contest with a cash award of Rs.75000/-.
 Spark 2016
on 01.11.2016
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 Industry Connect 2016- 6th Edition
Speakers from LinkedIn,Global Analytics,Symantec,Mu Sigma,KLA Tencor,TAFE,Sanmina Corporation ,CAD Deploy,Barry wheimler, IBM,Tech Mahindra,Payoda,Bahwan Cybertek, Cloud Kinetics, Roots
 Nov'15 Anna University Ranking
Our college stands 31st position out of 516 engineering colleges in Tamilnadu and 3rd position in Coimbatore region as per Nov'15 Anna University Ranking
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